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이름 : 이정훈
연락처 : 02-880-2900
e-mail : cheonghoon97@gmail.com
- Assessment of sources of human pathogens and fecal contamination in water environment and food
- Method development for microbial source tracking
1995. 03. - 1999. 02 서울대학교/자연과학부 미생물학 학사
1999. 03. - 2001. 02 서울대학교/생명과학부 생명과학 석사
2001. 03. - 2006. 08 서울대학교/생명과학부 생명과학 박사
<Publications (SCI, SCIE, international journals)>
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*C.S.L. and C.L. contributed equally.

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*C.L. and S.A. contributed equally.

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*S.C. and C.L. contributed equally.

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*Also known as J.-H. Lee

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